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Brad Schoenthaler, PT, MS, OCS

Kristen Stangel, PT, DPT


Sports Rehab Consulting (SRC) is an elite level physical therapy provider offering a catered-style treatment approach for athletes of all levels and individuals looking to recover from injury.

In addition to our clinic services, SRC’s treatment availability extends beyond the traditional clinic based physical therapy visits that are available. Our staff is available to travel to the client to provide rehab services at a location that is convenient for them. Home, office, vacation; we are the group who can accommodate your schedule.

Our focused, comprehensive approach to managing the clients’ needs by being on-site and developing a close, 1-on-1 relationship allows our therapists to better understand the needs and demands of each person. In order to provide an elite level of service and meet the expectations or our clients, we do not contract with insurance companies, and function as a self-pay physical rehabilitation service. Our model allows for longer treatment times than other providers and for individualized care that is not dictated by insurance companies’ regulations.

SRC is built on the foundation and belief that competing at the highest level is only achieved by maximizing the body’s full potential. This level of function is only attained when the body, as a whole, is in a healthy, pain-free state. SRC prides itself on staffing highly skilled physical therapists with extensive experience in sports and orthopedics.

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Brad Schoenthaler

Kristen Stangel