Functional Nutrition


Andrea Crane, MS, BS

Andrea holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and

Functional Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular

Biology with a minor in Biochemistry. She completed the

Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice module

through the Institute for Functional Medicine and has

completed several other advanced practice modules.

She has completed supplemental training in Functional

Neurology and blood chemistry analyses.

As a functional medicine practitioner, Andrea educates and advises patients on how to regain and maintain health and prevent illness through the use of specific nutrition counseling, lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation. In her previous, professional life, Andrea taught Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacy Law and Health Care Law and Ethics for over 15 years. During that time she authored several textbooks for pharmacy technicians as well as having written and presented continuing education programs for pharmacists, technicians and nurses. Despite being steeped in conventional medicine, Andrea found functional medicine after struggling with autoimmunity for many years. After years of medication and unnerving side effects she applied functional medicine principles to her waning health and has since recovered a vibrant, energetic and joy-filled life. 


“If you have been struggling with disease and are just generally ‘unwell’, I would love the opportunity to help you. I want to hear your story and help you put the pieces together. There is a reason why and there is a path to wellness and I will help you find both! Call our office to set up a free, 15 minute phone call to see if I am able to assist you and if you would like to work with me. I look forward to meeting you!”

Phone: 720-259- 0316